Thursday, 29 March 2012

24th March 2012

So today we went on an improptue date day into Liverpool. Yes! We left the house! Here are some pics from the city which we call home!

The view walking from our house into town - the two Cathedrals that Liverpool is so lucky to boast! Anglican to the left, and Catholic to the right, affectionately known in the city as "Paddy's Wigwam"

This is a rather foggy view of the enterance for my old Halls of Residence. St Andrew's Gardens. I was here for three years. I miss this place. It's known in Liverpool as 'The Bullring'. Yes, Birmingham: you're not the only ones to have one!

This is a statue of Queen Victoria. From this angle perhaps she should be known as King Victor...

And here it is! Part of Liverpool's iconic water front, starring the world-famous Liverbirds! (Not these two holding hands on the right here...the things on top of the building on the left!)

Ferry 'cross the Mersey. That over there is The Wirral. It's not bad over there. As a woolyback, I'm allowed to stay that!

Here's a gratuitous shot of something pretty! My handsome Paul.
An unflattering shot of me, next to a sign dedicating the Albert Dock to the architect, who was a Hartley. Go Team Hartley! I knew I was meant to be a scouser!
The Albert Dock, former home of Fred's Weather map!
"We all live in a Yellow Duckmarine!" Ok, not how the song goes - but this is the duck bus. Does on land and on water. Still haven't ventured out on it yet, but next time a friend comes to Liverpool who has never been before I am SO up for it!
This, my friends, is The Baltic Fleet. The pub where all the pirates drink. Not strictly true, but we believed that which is why we went to drink there the first time. Turns out, it's an awesome pub with great food (when fully functioning) and great beer!
Finally, British chums, we walk past this shop on our way into town. I took a pic of Nico's for you, famous for making those Big Fat Gypsy Wedding dresses that are so famous right now. The first pic of my halls of residence are literally around the corner that this shop is on. I was there when this first set up and thought it was a scally shop. Nope, just a gypsy one. Fair play to them!
So there are some pics from our date day. Yes, we left a lot of Liverpool out. Rest assured that we will visit more, but there is plenty of time! Why peak too soon?!

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