Monday, 18 February 2013

26/01/2013 - More shopping

It's Saturday. And if the last couple of weeks of Saturday's haven't already tipped you off as to how I seem to spend Saturday at the minute, I went wedding dress shopping. Again.

This time with The Mother. *insert scary music here*...

Because she couldn't make it last week due to the nasty evil snow stuff, there was no power in the 'verse that was going to stop her this week. Including more snow. And my Dad feeling so unwell he couldn't drive.

So Mum got brave and caught the train. She's not big on scary adventures, but, much like Bilbo Baggins, she did it anyway! Shame she didn't get treasure at the end *spoiler* but she got to see me, and that's a close second!

I don't get to see my parents very often as they live about 90 minute drive away. It's not that far, but petrol is expensive. Plus we're very busy folk!

Anyway, after I met her off the train, we went for a wander up to a wedding shop at the other end of town from the train station (we had 3 hours to kill) and got to look at some pointless pretty things which may or may not serve as inspiration.

We then headed for the appointment at the Bridal Salon.

I can't show you all the dresses. Quite frankly the lighting in this shop is awful, plus Mum is using the camera on my phone and as she'd never used it before, it's not the best. Oh, and there's also the fact that I look terrible after walking around for 2 hours in the wet-winds of Liverpool so wearing no make up and don't even get me started on my hair!

This dress was VERY pretty. Also VERY expensive! If it had been a few hundred pounds (read a thousand pounds) cheaper I think this would have been a serious contender.

This next one I tried on for my Mum. Who you can see in the mirror in the background taking the picture... ;)

Mum likes lace. She loved Katherine Middleton's dress, like, a lot.

The high neck is a big no no for me. It itched something shocking. The dress underneath was lovely but a bit plain.

I actually saw a dress I really quite like in this shop. For a price I really quite like as well. Who knows? I might just go back and buy it! It needs the Koran stamp of approval first though.

Sorry, readers, but no hints, just in case!

After viewing, I needed to get out of that shop! Those lights are so hot! My face was quite literally burning!

Decided to take Mum for a cheeky cola beverage, and couldn't resist going down one of the most well known and iconic streets in Liverpool to get to the pub!

World, this is Mathew Street. Home of the legendary Cavern Club which is very closely associated with The Beatles.

It's remarkably quiet, to say it's Saturday. Usually it's like you're at some tacky 18-30s resort in some cheap European holiday destination. Trust me, it's not pleasant.

After I put Mum on her train home, I came back to wait for Paul to come home after the football. Instead of being productive and doing ironing or other such fun stuff, I sat in bed watching Jesus Christ Superstar DVD from the latest tour, starring Tim Minchen, Sporty Spice and Chris Moyles. Yes, I did sing along VERY loud. No I am not ashamed of it!

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