Wednesday, 24 April 2013

19/04/2013 - Hmmm

Friday. To be honest, it's Wednesday now and I am struggling to remember what I did!

Normally, my picture of the day will remind me when I get behind like this. But no. Nothing. As the only picture I took is this:

Paul is judging me for not actually paying attention to what I did today. I can't blame him.

I can only guess that work was very dull and non-eventful, which is no problem. Actually, now I think about it, things are coming back to me. I was in a bit of a tidy-mad mode and so did loads of filing. Ridiculous amounts of it. I got rid of over half of my own filing, as well as all of my line manager's! Go me!

Judging by my twitter feed I was also feeling really creative to do with wedding stuff and was frustrated because I was in work and couldn't research any of my ideas. Sucks to be me, right?

Paul wasn't in a great mood and really fancied a drink but I was a mean and nasty future wife and put my foot down and said no. We decided we weren't going to drink this weekend and I would damn well try to stick to that! Plus we have an early appointment tomorrow so don't want any glimpse of a hangover!

Sorry folks, this is the reality of our boring life. I am pretty sure we went to bed early as well. Yawn. Well, we are old and stuff.

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