Saturday, 22 June 2013

21/06/2013 - A Comedy of Errors

Yes - the second Shakesperian post title in a week. Madness, I know! An accurate representation of the day, though!

We got up nice and early for the gym. Barney woke me up in plenty of time so I didn't need the alarm. Which is a shame really. I had a good sleep though.

We both went to the gym and both did weights. Paul might hurt slightly more than me tomorrow though. He's far more adventurous than me when it comes to lifting weights.

We got ready for work in a hurry as Paul had to go to London so I went to work early so I could walk with him to the station.

That's when it all went down hill. For most of the day.

I got to work and had a nice chat with colleague A, then as I was making a drink for everyone (not thinking that it was half an hour or more before they'd get into the office) I decided that I would have porridge for breakfast. I had porridge sachets, which measure everything for you, and made my portion accordingly. I put the oats and the milk into the bowl and in turn placed that in the microwave for the prescribed length of time.

I made drinks and placed them on the desks and went back when the microwave went ping.

I did not like what I saw.

My porridge was all over the base of the microwave, the wheel not being straightened after the last time it was used.

One was not amused.

My only other breakfast option as a meal replacement milkshake. I prepared the same and put it in the fridge for later.

I got on with some work only to learn that there was a problem with Paul's train. Apparently someone was sadly hit by a train. Somewhere between Rugeley Trent Valley and Lichfield Trent Valley. Which is where I am from. The delayed Paul for an hour. I am NOT AMUSED. I feel that it is my bad porridge karma that has caused this.

I was a jittery mess after this.

Which isn't good when you come to drink your milk shake. Your chocolate milkshake and spill it down your white top. Yeah. I did that.

Yup. What a mess! This was taken after I came home at lunch time to get changed as I was so frightfully embarrassed about my sloppiness! My Dad always said I could spill for England. I'm finally coming to the conclusion that he was right. After 30 years, I agree that I am a spiller!

So I came home and got changed. I also picked up some gift vouchers I had been given at Christmas, as I was heading into town after work and figured I could get some stuff on other people.

Meanwhile, Paul made it to London and had a pretty good trip! It was very productive. Except the rain.

 We were having gorgeous sunshine and it was pouring down in the south! Excellent! I like it when that happens! Not so grim up north right now! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The rest of the day went without incident, and I went to town after work. I was shopping for under-garments for my wedding dress (for my fitting on Wednesday - you need to have this stuff apparently) and window shopping for prospective holiday clothes and an outfit for a Christening next weekend. We also have pre-wedding pictures to find an outfit for. This is hard work!

I managed to find my wedding undies. There was a 20% sale on at the same time. I had more than I thought on a gift card. They cost me NOTHING. I am a gift card down. This is good news! :)

After wandering around and getting sore feet, I decided to walk up to Lime Street Station and meet Paul off the train.

This is the view form the front of Liverpool Lime Street Station. There is a giant digital billboard. It's very bright. It's a shame they don't put tv on there! I'd never leave!

These statues of Ken Dodd and Bessie Bradock grace the station floor itself. I chose to stand behind Bessie to meet Paul.

We came home and decided to treat ourselves to a glass of wine. This was a very dry Semillion. I don't think it went well with the pizza that it accompanied. Although the pizza was nice.

Yep - we were really naughty. We had pizza. But it had been a long day and we were both hungry. What else can you do?! I'll just have to breathe in before my dress fitting on Wednesday!

Oh YEAH! While I was in town, I also went looking for a bridesmaid dress for our second-youngest bridesmaid Scarlett. She's 6.

I had sent some suggestions to her Mum, and she said that Scarlett liked one, but they were out of stock online. Well, in the shop in town they had one. So I called Scalett's Mum and suggested I buy it. She agreed, so another purchase was made.

How adorable is this dress?! I hope it looks as good on her as I think it will! :) She'll be a little princess!

We watched some Defiance and Revolution, and were both beat. We managed until 10:30pm, but that's it. Bed time.

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