Wednesday, 24 July 2013

20/07/2013 - Spring cleaning in the height of summer!

Another rather warm day lead to the necessity of lying in bed for a very long time. Longer than we probably should have done. Ah well. We were tired! It was important.

After being lazy and drinking tea for a while, I had to make a decision: do I lie in bed and have a really lazy day, maybe doing some design work for the wedding, or do I go outside and clear my yard, which the cats have been using an as outdoor latrine for the past...ages?

I went with option b. Because I miss my yard. It's nothing special, but it's an extra room when it's used right!

First we had to clear all the furniture out of there so I could have a good go at the floor. What better place than the shower room to keep it?

We had to sacrifice the use of it for the day, but it was worth it. If we had put it in the alleyway, someone would have robbed it all!

Next I cleaned the floor with the hosepipe. Yes, I used that outdoor tap I was cursing the other week when it was installed!

The water was drying really quick! I wet everything then brushed the water out under the gate. I then did it again twice more times.

Then came the bleach. Yes, it's concrete, and I don't know how effective it was, other than to replace the cat-pee smell with bleach smell (not that I know - I can't smell!) and scrubbed the most 'used' areas of the yard.

I rinsed it off and left it to dry for a while to see if the cat pee smell was still there. Apparently it was a little bit, so there was no other option than to get the jet wash out!

My goodness, it didn't half make a difference! I didn't know it had got so grubby in there (other than the stink) but the water made it fly right off!

 We then left it to dry over night. Hopefully tomorrow it will be shiny and clean!

I then went to use the crappy shower we have in the upstairs bathroom that decided that it couldn't find any cold water, so I had to splash myself with the hot water and wait for myself to cool down. It helped.

I think watching us work was as tiring as us actually working!

It's hard being a Barney.

It's also hard being a Maia.

After a couple of refreshing Gin and Tonics (yes, it's my thing now), we went to bed.

I don't actually remember what we did all evening, to be honest! :) Probably watched more of The OC!

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