Sunday, 28 July 2013

21/07/2013 - Parental Visits and Positive Planning

We got a bit of a lie in this morning, which is always welcome. Especially after working so hard yesterday!

We then got up, got dressed and headed out into town. It was incredibly overcast out but not cold, so we walked it. We were going to meet my parents who were going to get Mum's outfit for our wedding fitted.

The cost of her alterations were a hell of a lot less than the cost for mine. Hmph. I'm glad I am only doing this once!

We then walked into town and looked in a few shops, then headed to The Hub for a bite to eat.

We went there because there is something to please everyone. Can't really go wrong. Except for dirty wine glasses, which were promptly replaced.

Yup. Two wine glasses. That's how I roll. Actually, Mum and I shared the second one. Because I'm kind and generous like that. :)

I have to admit, I was getting a little flustered at the amount of wedding questions I was getting asked. I think I'm fairly well organised, but when I get asked things that I've either not thought of, or I'm not thinking about or worried about, it stresses me slightly.

I must remember this for when our future children get married. I can imagine that I will do exactly the same thing.

We headed back to our house for a brew, and the annual exchange of tacky holiday presents. We got Mum and Dad a 'lovely' fridge magnet from Monte Carlo. They got us this:

It's a cat. On a pillow. Yep - definitely tacky! Doesn't really say 'I bought this in Cyprus' but it's kinda topical as Dad seemed to make friends with every single stray cat on the island, judging by Mum's holiday pics and video! They had kittens with them in some of them, and then apparently suddenly the kittens disappeared. The Mummy cats were crying for them. Mum thinks that someone came and took them away. Let's hope they went to a nice shelter for adoption by the kindest and most loving Cyprian locals, shall we?

Anyway, after Mum and Dad left, I sat and was grumpy for a while, and then we decided it's about time that we have another go at our table plan for the wedding, now the majority of our RSVPs are in.

We've tried doing it on the computer and it doesn't work for us. We need paper people! So we cut everyone's name out and eventually came up with our seating plan!

Sneak peek for you, wedding guests! What's the point in having an exclusive blog if you can't give your loyal readers a little hint at things to come!

It's a week later that I am writing this (bad Caroline) and I can tell you that people's names have now got everywhere around the house! 

There is still room for change, but I think on the whole we're satisfied with it. Mixing families and friends together so people don't clique and only talk to each other that they already know is the way forward I think. It's only for a few hours. There is also a loud table, which should be interesting...

We still have to make the actual chart, and that will the pretty homemade seating plan looks amazing in my mind's eye. I just hope I'm creative enough to actually make it!

Oh, and I know I still haven't shown you the invitations yet. Fear not. I'll do that in the coming week! 

There's a cliffhanger, huh?!

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