Thursday, 29 August 2013

19/08/2013 - Uuuuuunnnnnngggghhhhh

**I apologise for the sporadic nature of my posting recently. Wedding chores are taking up most of my time at the moment. I'm sure you understand. I can't say that after the wedding I'll be any better behaved. But I promise I'll try!**

I knew we wouldn't get up for the gym this morning. To be honest, I think I was still pretty merry when I woke up. And most of the way through work, actually!

I had warned work that I would be a bit of a mess today. They were fairly nice to me and gave me mundane tasks (like using my pal the hole-punch again!) and let me get on with it! I had a few obnoxious callers which I really didn't need but I came through it all. I think.

I was fading by the time I finished work though.

Paul was tired too, as it must have been hard for him to come home to go to sleep after driving for 40 minutes or so. Bless him.

We had a quick dinner and chilled out in front of the tv. Both of us like Zombies.

I didn't really take pictures of anything today. Except this:

I came home with this rose from the wedding. Isn't it pretty? I think my Instagram of it is prettier though, so check me out on there!

Sadly for us, the neighbours decided they wanted to be the loudest that they have ever been. Their music was loooouuuud. To the extent that we both needed earplugs to sleep.

Thanks, neighbours.


  1. Nope, sorry, you must throw together a lavish wedding on the wicked cheap, make EVERYTHING by hand including the food and the cake and the decorations, be fit as a fiddle and look SPECTACULAR in your dress AND post a blog post every day..

    Seriously.. Anyone who reads this blog will understand.. So I'm just going to sit over here and wish you well (and wait until after the honeymoon to start complaining about not getting to see pictures of the wedding)

  2. I'm just reading your blog and not bothering writing my own! Seriously. I dreamt about Snow and the kittens last night! Far better than the wedding nightmares I've been having! :)