Sunday, 20 October 2013

14/10/2013 - Little BEEP!

No gym this morning. Head still ouchy. *sigh*

I was woken rather abruptly by Paul cursing from the kitchen when he got up to take a shower. Apparently in the middle of the night some magical creature had come into the house, got into my handbag and mangled my phone charger.

What sort of crazy beast does this type of thing?!

Oh that's right - Little Beeps. Little Beeps do exactly that kind of thing. But only when it's a bright coloured or white wire.

Urgh. He did the same thing to Paul's Mum's camera cable while they were at our wedding.

Even with my sore head, I went to work ( although probably shouldn't have) and was greeted by my Boss telling me that he'd put a virus on my machine.


While IT were faffing on my machine, I didn't really have a great deal that I could do. So I tried to repair my phone cable with electrical tape.

It's certainly...different! Maybe I should cover the whole thing in black tape so Little Beep doesn't notice it?!

Once I eventually got onto my machine and was able to do some work but by this point my head was pounding even more and I just wanted to go home!

When I did eventually manage to go home, I took myself off to bed. I only came down for dinner (chicken salad) and I caught up with Vampire Diaries (guilty pleasure - Paul doesn't watch it, I hasten to add!), then we watched Castle and Hawaii 5-0 together. Good eps. Cameo from Hurley from Lost, which was nice! Little in-jokes between him and Daniel Dae-Kim, which are always a hoot!

Then we enjoyed a peppermint tea and then bed. Again, a crazy life I lead!

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