Thursday, 7 November 2013

20/10/2013 - Birthdays!

Sorry - it's been a while!

We woke up this morning as fresh as you would imagine after a wedding the night before!

What better way to perk oneself up than a breakfast butty?!

Yum or what?!

We had a bit of time to kill before our plans today so we were extra lazy. Because we could be!

Paul bought me a little treat to make me smile through my laziness!

A chocolate spider thing! It tasted ok, but the cats got more pleasure out of hunting the wrapper!

We were waiting to see my parents (yes - again) when I unpacked our bag from yesterday's wedding and found our place settings that I forgot I'd klepto'd away! I used them to decorate our mirror!

The couldn't stay there long, sadly, as Barney had his sights firmly set on them and wanted to fetch them. So they've been put away again. Shame really - I thought they looked good there! I think I need to put them back up there when Barney's not looking!

My parents weren't just coming up because our company is amazing or anything (that goes without saying, of course!) but we were going on a little road trip to my Aunt's house for a family get together for my cousin's 30th!

Ok, the above is the best pic I got of her (next to the baby - she's not really behind in the aging process!).

Of course, there has to be cake and sparklers!

Obligatory cake cutting shot. The cake was amazing, just so you know!

The star of today's show was my lovely little cousin (well, second cousin, but that doesn't sound as good!) Jacob, who was hyped up on sugar and such a cutie pie! He was a star at our wedding, especially with 'A', but was just as adorable today!

Cuddling my Auntie Linda and his little sister Emily.

Sneakily licking the bowl while he thinks Daddy isn't looking... (HOW CUTE IS THAT FACE?!)

Not so subtle!

After a few laughs and jokes (and a telling off or two for keeping my 30th in April quiet!) we headed home and once Mum and Dad had got on their way we watched the Strictly Come Dancing result, then the X Factor result and then Downton Abbey.

We were still full from a massive buffet spread, and quite frankly, all the cake! Still - all good! :)

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