Thursday, 7 November 2013

21/10/2013 - Selling Myself

After a naughty day yesterday we were naughty this morning and lazed in bed a little. We're such crazy rebels!

Work was incredibly boring. I was boxing up files to be sent away for archiving. Nothing at all interesting in that one. Except that one of my acrylic nails decided to ping off!

YAY! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES! It's only taken them 6 1/2 weeks to even think about trying to vacate! I now look a little odd...with one shorter nail...but I don't care! It's the start of something good!

Nothing else really happened today at work. No exciting tales of wonder and light! Instead I had to go home and fill out an appraisal form.

I HATE this time of year. Well, I say that, I've only ever had one appraisal before which was last year and when I filled in the form then I had loads to say. Not so much this year.


Barney was looming and he was not at all impressed with my notes. I can't say I blamed him. They sucked.

What parts of my job have I performed the best and how did I achieve such

I blagged it. I had to. I have no idea. I really have to make notes this year!

After faffing around with those for a few hours, I gave up and went to join Paul downstairs for dinner (piri piri chicken and rice, mmmmm) and watched new Castle, and some other lovely shows! Typical Monday really!

"What are you good at....hmmmm...ignoring the fact that I WANT NOMS NAAAAAAHHHHW!"

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