Thursday, 19 December 2013

15/12/2013 - "Come now, don't be shy. Step into the light..."

I woke up early, went back to sleep again and woke up a little later...but it still felt far too early! Luckily tiredness was all I was suffering! No hangover! Even after shots were downed!

Even after cleaning up, I still couldn't get the stamp off my hand from the bar we went to!

I know it looks like a Llama or a camel or something but it's actually a dog. I think. No matter, it still won't come off!

I had a little breakfast then vegetated for a while. Paul went out to give his old car a run down the motorway a little. Where it stopped working. Which isn't good! So they had to wait a while for a very nice man from the AA came to try to fix the car. He couldn't. So they had to get towed home!

At least they hadn't gone too far and so were able to get back without a problem.

Sadly it made us later than we had wanted to leave to go into town. We were hoping to have a look around the Manchester Christmas Markets. Alas, not his year.

We had to head straight to the cinema for our date with a dragon!

I'd like to think that this was blurry because we were watching it in 3D...but it's probably my hasty "oh yeah, I normally take a photo of this bit" shaky hands!

Just as proof:

It was possibly the time I enjoyed 3D the most of all the movies I had seen in it! I don't know whether it was the HFR that made it so but I really did enjoy it!

I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing it again soon because it really was enjoyable. Even though there were lots of parts in it that weren't in the book.

After the film we headed back to Paul's parents' house to go and collect the cats...which took a long time as Maia did not want to come out from underneath the Christmas tree!

We got back a lot later than we would have wanted so on the way home we ordered a pizza for delivery when we got in. We then watched X Factor and some of Sports Personality of the Year. Then it was time to go to bed. Earplugs in and sleepybyes time!

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