Monday, 2 December 2013

16/11/2013 - I told me so.

I was right. It did hurt.

It didn't hurt too much at first. I thought I might just have a little bit of a headache. Nope. I had a whopping great big cluster heading which triggered a migraine which made Caroline a very unhappy girl. This is exactly why I shouldn't drink in excess but sometimes you just can't help yourself!

We were going to go back into town today but due to my crappy head not being able to have just a normal hangover, I stayed in bed and felt sorry for myself. :(

The migraine made me so nauseous I felt extra sorry for myself (but could ask for no sympathy as it's my own fault) so I went looking for my travel sickness tablets which usually help. Instead I found some of my lovely sister-in-law's nausea tablets she was given when she was really bad with morning sickness a few months ago. 

They're basically the same drug as travel sickness tablets and when I checked to see if I could actually take them (no allergies etc) I saw that they were prescribed to people who suffer sickness with migraine! SCORE!

(Obviously this is very naughty and I shouldn't take drugs from anyone other than a pharmacist...but desperate times call for desperate measures!)

Besides, these nice strong painkillers were not working for me at all!

The nausea tablets really did help! I was able to manage a little bit of dinner, which was a success!

I watched the usual Saturday night television, but was still feeling a little dodgy, so I took myself to bed nice and early.

All in all, a waste of a day. :(

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