Tuesday, 3 December 2013

17/11/2013 - Culinary Cagga!

I feel back to my normal self today! Whoop!

Some more lying around time was allowed, but then we had to get to the shops as I had important things to do! Also known as do all the cooking today!

I decided that as Paul does literally all the cooking in our house on a day to day basis, as a birthday present I would do it for him. For one day. As he doesn't want to be poisoned.

So I left him in the car while I pottered around Asda (listening to the original Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy on my ipod) and got all the bits and bobs that I needed for a day of feasting!

When we got back, Paul was starting to get hangry, so I started on breakfast right away!

First course:

Fruit salad. Because we needed something healthy today!

The main part of the breakfast was:

American pancakes with maple syrup, scrambled eggs and bacon. Not too shabby, even if I do say so myself!

We chilled for a few hours, planning to watch a movie but discovering that our tv in the bedroom doesn't want to work any more. Seriously - what kind of dozy-ass tv doesn't have an 'on' button, or doesn't give itself a way of coming out of standby without the remote? The remote doesn't work any more either. AND there's a DVD trapped inside. Not amused.

I needed to keep Paul away from the downstairs as I had a big delight planned for lunch. I didn't want to spoiler any of it to him.

I made him walk into the living room with his eyes closed so he got the full visual effect. You can all have it now. Just excuse the mess, yeah?

It's Afternoon Tea time! :D

We have cakes, scones, sandwiches, scotch eggs, pork pies, tea and bucks fizz! Are you impressed? Are you?! :)

Ok, just looking at this is making me hungry now!

Admittedly, the only cooking I did here was...nothing. I made the sandwiches. I would have baked yesterday but my stupid-head got in the way of that. 

I think Paul liked it. He polished off his half of everything! I managed my sandwiches and a scone. I was still full from breakfast!

Funnily enough, we were both too full to eat dinner. What a shame. We'll have to have it tomorrow!

We sat and drank fizz, ate, and watched Justified on Netflix. We finished it what is available, so will have to look into finding the next series that we can. We love it!

After watching Strictly and X Factor, we called it a night. Work tomorrow. Can't go too crazy on a Sunday...

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