Thursday, 26 December 2013

21/12/2013 - T'was the sickness before Christmas

I had a bad night. As you would expect for someone who went to bed fully clothed. I think I took my boots off at about 3am and actually got changed at about 7:30am.

I felt ok except a dodgy stomach. This isn't like me with a hangover. I usually get crippling head pain.

The more the day went on I was getting more and more convinced that it wasn't a hangover I was experiencing.

I ate some beans with bacon and sausages for breakfast/lunch. At first I thought that they helped, as they would when hungover. Nope. They really didn't help. In fact, they caused stomach pain.

I was going to do a mountain of ironing today, but instead I stayed in bed, feeling sorry for myself and making thank you cards. I wasn't alone. I had company.

Barney is so stressed right now. Look at him. I wish he could relax but it's so difficult for him.

I moved the party downstairs just in time for the Grand Final of Strictly Come Dancing. It was a good final, however it was hard to concentrate when it felt like someone was stabbing me in the stomach.

Usually when you have a queasy belly after a night drinking, another beer helps. It's hard to drink it but it makes you feel a little better. Temporarily at least.

I had a beer. It made me feel worse. Definitely not a hangover.

I had a rice snack pot for my lunch on Friday. I'm blaming that.

Paul came home and we chilled out, watching TV together for a good while. We saw Shawshank Redemption was on the TV so I forced Paul to watch that with me, rather than let him watch Match of the Day. I'm lovely to my husband, aren't I?

Oh, I forgot, with regards to Paul, yesterday (Thursday 19th) he took part in a Man vs Food style challenge. Want to see what he had to eat?

Pic is from the hotel's website. As Paul got it I don't know what the hotel is but as soon as I find out I'll link to it here!

That is a lot of food. 

Now I know y'all are wondering whether my lovely husband could tackle such a crazy mountain of food and win? Could he conquer this mountain?

Photo courtesy of one of Paul's colleagues on Facebook

Yes. Yes he could. And he also got the spiffy t shirt as well!

He also got his office Secret Santa while he was away...

Why would anyone want a mug that says that they love chickens?? *innocent face*

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