Sunday, 8 December 2013

22/11/2013 - Um. Yeah.

What. A. Day.

Line Manager A had to go to our head office today so it was T and I until lunchtime.

It was a very interesting and stressful day. I can't really say more on here, but basically it informed us a lot more about what was going on at work etc. And it shocked T and I.

So much so that I decided to get the train with her and head over to where she lives (and coincidently where I spent the first 3 years of my life!) and went to the pub where we met her husband and father-in-law for a few beers!

It was good to be able to relax and talk freely about what went on today.

Paul was going to come and join us but the train was cancelled, so he went home and I had to stay slightly longer until my train. Such a shame.

I was a little giddy, and was greatly amused by my fellow carriage companions.

The skinny guy, the meathead and the normal one. All equally dim. I just hope they had had a couple of beers as an excuse for some of the crap they were coming out with.

When I got home, Paul greeted me with a glass of wine and we discussed all that happened today. Then we had naughty dinner. Pizza. MMM.

I had a glass of wine or two and felt very tired so took myself off to bed. Probably for the best. We have visitors tomorrow!

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