Saturday, 28 December 2013

23/12/2013 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUCY! :)

It's my bestie Lucy's birthday today! Happy birthday, lady! :)

Work was hard work today! Especially because we had a mad ton of post come in and so T and I started to panic! T more than me because it ultimately falls to her to sort it, whereas I just get the easy stuff to do!

The joy was that most of it was easy stuff, so I was able to take most of it away from her and only leave anything I was a bit unsure about for her to look at.

After work, Paul came to pick me up (yay!) and we got a few little bits and pieces done before heading over to where Lucy lives for a little shindig to celebrate the anniversary of her birth!

There were a few close friends there, whom we have met before, and she had a pot-luck dinner, so there was plenty of food for us, which is good as we were HUNGRY!

Then there was cake. Lucy's mother in law made cakes which were DELICIOUS (thanks, Anne!) and then the lights went out. We thought there was a power cut but no. It was time for candles!

Lucy's friend Jemma got a massive cake and lit it with candles! I didn't get an alight picture but you can see the size of the cake here!

It apparently serves 40. Yeah. No happening!

Lucy wants to polish off the LOT!

We stayed for a couple of hours then escaped to go home as we had more to do and no time to do it other than tonight. Lucy gave us our Christmas present before we left. We don't normally do Christmas presents, as it just got silly. I got something for A because she's gorgeous but was surprised that Lucy had got us something but apparently she saw it and knew she had to get it for me.

*Pic to be inserted when I am at home and able to take a picture!*


Going to have to frame it and get that on the wall as it's the most amazing present! So thoughtful! She said she phoned up to see if they did Lord of the Rings but they didn't. That would be a big poster. Or really small text. :)

We got home and I did some more wrapping of presents. I had bought my brother and sister-in-law a digital picture frame, and got a memory card, filled it with pictures from their past and put it in the box with it. Then I thought I should probably test it to see if it worked. Yeah. It didn't. No power whatsoever.

Cue meltdown from Cagga.

Paul was the voice of reason and said we'd return it and just go and buy a new one tomorrow.

So I wrapped the rest of everything and kicked the box of the broken frame, sucked it up and went to bed!

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