Tuesday, 31 December 2013

30/12/2013 - Silence is golden

Back to work this morning. Waaaa.

Double waaa, as I really didn't sleep well. I woke a few times feeling queasy during the night, and was woken a few times by stomping Barnacles, as ever. At least he's happy to see me at that time in the morning!

I was also woken up at some stage by the baby that lives next door banging something against our shared wall...and all I could hear was it's mother laughing at him. Yeah. I'll get my revenge one day, lady. I might get Barney to stomp on the wall (although not sure how I can feasibly do that) and see how they like it! YEAH! That'll show 'em!

It was like the morning after a zombie apocalypse or something. It was silent on the business park where our office is!

I don't really mind being alone, but it was weird, I have to be honest. There used to be an emergency GP office next to ours so there would always be a few people and cars but now they've gone and there was just nobody about!

I had a productive morning, doing bits and bobs with the radio on loud to keep me company. I might have been singing 80s songs at the top of my lungs, but you can't prove it was me...

I wasn't feeling too bad at work either! I was a bit worried after feeling so naff all yesterday, but if I had needed to be sick, at least I wouldn't have had to run out on my boss or anything!

I left the office just after 2pm, as agreed with A before he finished for Christmas half-way through December. Mostly for safety reasons. I don't really fancy walking through a dark deserted carpark on my own in the rain where there's no-one to hear you scream. Not that I would be able to scream after singing 'Club Tropicana' at full blast earlier on...allegedly...

I got in and felt very sleepy. I had good intentions of tidying up and doing some washing etc, but they failed as soon as I sat on the sofa and Barney joined me.

Yes, I bribed him into cuddling me by putting a bed on the sofa. I bought that bed for Maia when I first got her, and she rarely used it. Barney loves it!

This is when I managed to catch Maia on video doing the strangest thing!

We bought Kong the other week, as a treat for Barney while he was feeling poorly but Maia took more of a shine to it.

I am assured that it's normal, however having only seen Maia do this in the last few weeks it's a big surprise! Bear in mind I've had her for over 7 years!

Mummy still beats Kong for a cuddle though. Damn right I do! :)

Paul came home and I was still vegetating on the sofa. I was just exhausted, after barely eating for a couple of days. I also had a headache, which I am blaming on the same.

I had some of the leftovers pie which Paul had made, as I didn't feel sick and needed to eat something. I washed it down with water and kept my fingers crossed it would cure me!

I was still feeling ok at around 8pm ish, except for the tiredness, so I took myself off to bed.

Determined not to be disturbed by Bouncing Barnacles or Banging Babies, I took precautions.

Attractive eye mask and ear plugs selfie. Oh yes. I am sleeping tonight!

Paul came to bed just after 10. I woke up realising I still had a headache and felt a little sick again. Urgh. THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

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